From left to right.
We are
Xiao-meng Huang- Piano
Christina Jing Yu - Violin
Lisa Chou - Cello

We have just discovered
(25th June 2005) that we have been named the


This website has been sponsored for us so long as we professionally perform chamber music on Waiheke Island or anywhere else in the world.

We will be re-designing this website eventually. In the meantime we have started our gallery of concert photos. Feel free to click on standing ovations below. MP3 audio samples will be added soon for you to listen to before you hire us.

Acceptance and Contact

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Standing Ovations

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Dr Song
(Singing from the same song sheet as Dr Song)

  Discovering Diane
(Discovering Diane Francis, ww3 & the Cyberwar)

Chinese Google.cn Conspiracy
(The 2nd opening shot of World War 3 the Cyberwar)